Big Hamburger Challenge

The Big Handburger Challenge

Challenge a family member or friend to eat our 3.5kg Big Hamburger (3.5kg uncooked weight)

For $35 you get the biggest hamburger in Geelong to eat all on your own.
  If you eat the Big Hamburger congratulations you have won $100 plus the cost of the Big Hamburger.

Terms and Conditions of Entry.

  1. Ring and advise a staff member that you wish to enter the competition. Payment is required at the time of the booking, which must be a minimum of 24 hrs prior to the night.
  2. Start time is 6.30pm finish time 8.30pm
  3. Purchase a Big Hamburger at the cost of $35 per burger.
  4. The Big Hamburger cannot be purchased to be shared with another person, as part of the challenge.
  5. No part of the uneaten hamburger is to be shared with another person.
  6. No part of the uneaten hamburger can be removed from the premises due to health regulations.
  7. Upon completion of eating the Big Hamburger in its entirety ON YOUR OWN, you will not only win $100 for yourself you will also receive a FULL REFUND of the cost of the Big Hamburger.
  8. Any person who interferes whilst the contestant is eating the Big Hamburger will cause disqualification of the contestant and thus NO $100 prize money.
  9. The Big Hamburger is not valid on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays.

Dining Out for 6 people

Do you want to feed a family of 6 for $12.50pp then order our 3.5kg Big Hamburger
Make sure you bring your camera to capture the memories and show all your friends.

Big Burger

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